Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ottoman Hornbow

Finally I got my hornbow from Lukas Novotny (Saluki bows :

  • It is a 16th-17th century Ottoman / Turkish Warbow. 
  • Length 44", 
  • draw weight 82lbs at 28".

I have a recommendation for anyone who considers buying a hornbow: it should be at least 75lbs. For draw weight below 70, non-horn bows may perform the same as hornbows. Besides historic draw weights were 80lbs and higher. Anything lower was considered for children or the elderly. Furthermore, these draw weights were required to have any effect on armour.
For the decoration I chose a bow in the Turkish Chamber museum in Dresden.

Comparison to bow in Dresden museum:

The "Bash" section

The "Kabza" (Grip)

Polished water buffalo horn

Back of the Kabza with the "Celik" (bone insert) in the middle

Back of "Kasan" part with string bridge and master signature

Arrow pass (Tir gecimi)



  1. Such a fine masterpiece. Congratulations and live up to the Ottoman heritage.

  2. Stunning bow! Did you ever do a video review/demo (in english) on it?