Thursday, 24 April 2014

Archery shots with an original Turkish bow

Have you ever asked yourself how a Turkish / Ottoman bow from the museum looks strung?
Imagine somebody shooting a real Turkish bow..

In the footage below from 1934 you see Ingo Simon, a Turkish archery enthusiast attending an archery contest in the UK!
About Ingo Simon:
Ingo Simon bought and used original bows from the Ottoman Empire.
The commentator describes it as ''a rather peculiar bow'' :)

If well looked after, a hornbow's lifespan could be up to 200 years.
In 1910 Ingo shot a Turkish bow achieving 434 meters, it may be well the one you see in the video.
The draw weight of the bow in the video doesn't seem to be high. Ingo probably didn't know how to season the bow to maximise it's power.

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