Saturday, 12 May 2018

Turkish Sabre: Karabela

My second important sabre in my collection just finished recently. I already have a 16th cc replica, this time I wanted to have a later time, 17th-18th cc. It is of the Ottoman 'karabela' type. It was custom made by the famous swordsmith Osman Baskurt.

  • Weight 730 gr
  • Balance is at 17 cm from crossguard
  • Lenght 93 cm 
  • Width 3.4 at c.guard and 3.5 at spur (mahmuz)
  • Thickness of spine starts from 8 mm tapers to 6 mm at spur
  • 1070 steel
  • Steel folded to 324 layers

I was also very interested in the making of the sabre, so here is the swordsmith's comments and step by step pictures. This sabre is forged by an old technique similar to the japanese one. 1070 steel started from 12 layers and folded until 324 layers there are some patterns but they are not contrast of nickel or carbon but contrast of layer connection due same steel folded on each other and steel polished to mirror finish like in old times.

The Crossguard is made from mildsteel and hilt made out of cherry wood and given an antique look to it. Scabbard covered with brown sheep leather and repousse work has done and all the design on fittings taken from an original example